[Rspamd-Users] Speaking of feature requests ...

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Fri Mar 10 16:33:52 UTC 2023

... One of the really *INCREDIBLY NICE* things about DSpam, before it 
succumbed to terminal bitrot, was that in the event of a false positive 
or false negative, each message listed in history had a button at the 
end of the line that was either "Retrain as HAM" or "Retrain as SPAM" 
depending on how the message had been scored.  All you had to do was 
click "Retrain as SPAM", and that message's cached flags and tokens 
would be retrained until it scored as spam, with no need to manually 
copy, paste and inject the message for retraining.

Is this something that Rspamd could perhaps do in the future?

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