[Rspamd-Users] "Any Action" filter

Gerald Galster list+rspamd at gcore.biz
Thu Mar 9 18:03:26 UTC 2023

> I'm looking right now at the rspamd web interface, specifically the history page.  And this is both a question and possibly a request.
> The FILTER list in the history list has the following choices:
> Any action
> reject
> add header
> greylist
> no action
> soft reject
> rewrite subject
> But "Any action" includes NO action, and that's wrong.  NO action is by definition not an action.

"no action" evaluates to rspamd not blocking an email which usually means the email is accepted, which could be seen as an action.
A lot can happen with "no action" in the background, like emails being trained as non-spam or even accepted without any further tests (action = accept; prefilter = true;).
Try to see "no action" in rspamd context, not in dictionary context.

> 1.  Is there some non-obvious way to have it filter to show me *EVERYTHING BUT* "no action"?

Enter the following into the search field, in case "Action" is not disabled (dropdown menu):
-"no action"

The Webui is using FooTable:

Also note that the webui uses the redis history which only stores the latest "nrows" entries (history_redis.conf).
Depending on your mail volume you could resort to rspamd.log.

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