[Rspamd-Users] Raspberry Pi 64 bit Bullseye rspamd package

G.W. Haywood rspamd at jubileegroup.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 16:26:38 UTC 2023

Hi there,

On Fri, 13 Jan 2023, Andrew Lewis via Users wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jan 2023, Martin Brampton via Users wrote:
>> Does an rspamd package exist for 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye? The
>> one in the RPi repository seems to crash with segment fault.

Please do note in the downloads page at

https://rspamd.com/downloads.html (click on the Debian/Ubuntu tab)

you will see written:

Debian standard repos notes

Please DO NOT use those packages.

Rspamd is also available in some versions of Debian and Ubuntu. Please
DO NOT use those packages, as they are not supported in any way. Any
issues or feature requests related to the packages from Debian
provided distros will be closed with no feedback (or even rage
feedback). Just don’t do it, you are warned!

After some experience with Debian packages I can only agree with the
sentiments expressed there.

> ...
> If you would rebuild from sources with this patch probably it might
> work  relatively better, see here for hints about rebuild 
> https://github.com/rspamd/rspamd/issues/3546#issuecomment-723446451
> ...

This morning, using the instructions above, I built rspamd for the Pi
on the 8GByte Pi4B running 64-bit Debian Bullseye which is my desktop
client.  It took a bit of fiddling about to get the dependencies, and
gave a lot of errors and warnings, but basically it built executables.
The README doesn't contain the word 'test', so I didn't run any tests,
and I didn't install it as I have no intention of running rspamd on my
desktop client.

The build produced rspamd_3.4_arm64.deb which is about 3.3 MBytes.  If
you were crazy enough to want to try to install it you'd be welcome to
have a copy of it but I'd recommend that you try to build it yourself,
and ask for help here if you run into any trouble.



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