[Rspamd-Users] don't process mail forwarded from another server

Gerasimos Melissaratos gmelis at mikroskosmos.gr
Wed May 12 16:40:03 UTC 2021

You can try something like the following in "settings.conf":

mk_servers {
     priority = 40;
     ip = ""; # my.other.server
     apply {
         groups_enabled = ["antivirus"];
         flags = ["skip_process"];

and messages coming from will not be processed.


On 5/12/21 6:46 PM, Jesse Norell via Users wrote:
> Hello,
>    I have 2 separate servers running (completely different domains,
> etc.), with a few email addresses on server1 which I forward to my main
> mailbox on server2 - I am trying to find a way for rspamd on server2 to
> not process those forwarded messages.  Eg. I'd like the Authentication-
> Results: header from server1 left in-tact, as well as all the X-Spam*
> headers.
>    I have tried matching server1's ip and both forcing 'no action' in a
> pre-filter, as well as using want_spam in settings, and both of those
> deliver messages (eg. do not reject forwarded spam), but they both
> remove the headers which server1 adds.  Is there a way to tell rspamd
> to leave the headers alone for certain emails?  (My only idea at the
> moment would be to set a second smtpd on another port which doesn't use
> rspamd, and forward there.)
> Thanks,
> Jesse

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