[Rspamd-Users] Scanning outbound mail - Rmilter deprecated?

David Reagan me at davidreagan.net
Mon Sep 14 00:04:26 UTC 2020

Hey all,

I'd like to keep an eye on outbound mail for spam. I have a mailserver 
for my family, if there's spam going out, they likely have a virus... So 
I was happy to see that Rspamd should support that. But then I got stuck 
on how to actually configure it.

The Scanning outbound mail doc page says to set "strict_auth = true", 
but then it says that's been deprecated since 1.6.

Then it describes configuration for Exim and Haraka.

Since I'm using Postfix, as described in the MTA Integration doc, I'm a 
bit lost.

My thought is that'd I'd need to do something in Postfix's master.cf 
file. Somehow tell submission and smtps to run messages through Rspamd. 
Am I on the right track?

Any help would be appreciated.

- David Reagan

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