[Rspamd-Users] Is RSPAMD racist?

Albrecht Backhaus albrecht.backhaus at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 15:12:51 UTC 2020

Am 23.06.2020 16:05:49, "Bill Pye via Users" <users at lists.rspamd.com> 

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>>  From: "Jered Floyd"
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>>  Subject: Re: [Rspamd-Users] Is RSPAMD racist?
>>  RSPAMD isn't racist, but it's (unintentionally, historically) using terminology
>>  that perpetuates racial bias.
>>  The simple answer is to move to allowlist and denylist.  It's a relatively
>>  simple change.  We should do it.  The deprecated terms can remain for
>>  compatibility.
>>  Please don't start in with "well actually"-ing and arguing that people are being
>>  overly sensitive, or it's not meant like that, or whatever lame conservative
>>  snowflake response you want to jump in with -- that behavior *is* actually
>>  racist.
>>  When someone yells, "Ow! You're standing on my foot!", you get off their foot.
>>  You don't say, "well, actually, I'm really only on the edge of your shoe and
>>  probably only your large toe; let's have a discussion about the merits of me
>>  moving my foot."  You get off their fucking foot.
>>  --Jered
>There's no racial bias in the word blacklist as it's merely a list of people or things of which we disapprove, don't forget you can be white (or any colour you like) and on a blacklist. AFAIK, there is no definition of a 'blacklist' having any racial connotation but I'm always willing to be proved wrong.
It would be great if we could go back to the purpose of this mailing 
list - exchange on technical issues regarding rspamd.
If someone wants to change the terminology for ethical reasons - there 
are no technical ones - there is a simple way to prepare a pull request 
for rspmd and suggest definite changes.
I think everybody understands the background for the fact that there are 
people who are struggling with the current terms and if there are 
concrete requests for changes, you can discuss and implement them - this 
is better than endless discussions with great comparisons.


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