[Rspamd-Users] Is RSPAMD racist?

Bill Pye bill.pye at phoenix-systems.co.uk
Tue Jun 23 14:05:49 UTC 2020

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> From: "Jered Floyd" 
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> Sent: Tuesday, 23 June, 2020 15:56:11
> Subject: Re: [Rspamd-Users] Is RSPAMD racist?

> RSPAMD isn't racist, but it's (unintentionally, historically) using terminology
> that perpetuates racial bias.
> The simple answer is to move to allowlist and denylist.  It's a relatively
> simple change.  We should do it.  The deprecated terms can remain for
> compatibility.
> Please don't start in with "well actually"-ing and arguing that people are being
> overly sensitive, or it's not meant like that, or whatever lame conservative
> snowflake response you want to jump in with -- that behavior *is* actually
> racist.
> When someone yells, "Ow! You're standing on my foot!", you get off their foot.
> You don't say, "well, actually, I'm really only on the edge of your shoe and
> probably only your large toe; let's have a discussion about the merits of me
> moving my foot."  You get off their fucking foot.
> --Jered

There's no racial bias in the word blacklist as it's merely a list of people or things of which we disapprove, don't forget you can be white (or any colour you like) and on a blacklist. AFAIK, there is no definition of a 'blacklist' having any racial connotation but I'm always willing to be proved wrong.



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