[Rspamd-Users] read and write access for web interface

Casper Gielen cgielen+rspamd at uvt.nl
Mon Sep 2 09:41:34 UTC 2019

Op 31-08-2019 om 19:10 schreef Kai Schaetzl:
> I have a short question about the read access for the web interface.
> Background: I would like a client to not be able to change the 
> configuration, but I would like them to be able to submit mails for spam 
> learning.
> Is this possible with read access or does this disallow *any* submission?

Hi Kai,
I was wondering the same just a few days ago, and came up with a
possible solution.
My solution uses Apache to protect certain URLs.
Carefull, this has not been tested properly yet.
I would love to hear if it fits the bill.

1. We use CAS for authentication, you probably use something else.
2. I don't know the difference between "scan" and "check".
3. "History" seems to be required for all other pages, but it reveals
   a lot of private information that my not be appropriate to share
   with regular users.
4. The exact groups and permissions probably need to be improved and
   adjusted to your environment.
5. "LocationMatch" is slightly more complicated that required, a normal
   "Location" would probably suffice.    I do it this way because this
server also acts as a proxy to other
   rspamd instances. This way all rspamd instances are matched.
   (ie https://mail.example.com/server3/#scan)

  Define admins       "user1 user2"
  Define servicedesk  "user3 user4"
  Define bosses       "user8"

  # 0. Require all users to be logged in.
  #    Replace with your own authentication method.
  #    Regular users can only see "status"
  <Location />
          AuthType CAS
          CASScope /
          Require valid-user

  # 1. Monitoring & stats (read only)
  <LocationMatch /*/(scan|check|graph|pie|stat|counters|history)>
	  Require user ${admins} ${servicedesk} ${bosses}

  # 2. Spam/Ham training
  <LocationMatch /*/(learnspam|learnham)>
	  Require user ${admins} ${servicedesk}	

  # 3. Advanced command's that may change the configuration.
          Require user ${admins}

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