[Rspamd-Users] A question about rspamd learning process

Gabriele Nencioni gabriele.nencioni at register.it
Mon Sep 2 06:18:38 UTC 2019

On 9/1/19 11:28 PM, Tim Harman via Users wrote:
> "Classifier and headers
> The classifer will only learn headers that are defined in
> classify_headers in the options.inc file. It is therefore not necessary
> to remove any headers added (such as X-Spam or others) before learning,
> as these headers will not be used for classification."
> So you can safely feed in those emails.

Thank you very much for your helping, and my apologize for having read
the documentation without attention. I was focused only on configuration
part. Anyway I have performed some tests to prove that!

Thanks again
Gabriele Nencioni

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