[Rspamd-Users] update issue on Debian 10

Miroslav Šebek sebek at hako.sk
Mon Mar 20 07:20:30 UTC 2023

I understand the thing about EOL but on the other hand there is standard 
Debian LTS support which is the reason some of us use debian for 
servers. And most of us update Debian servers 1+ years after new stable 
is released.

I dont want to be rude or anything but the thing which confuses me the 
most in this case is that package requirements for rspamd on Debian 11 
are different from those for Debian 10.

Deb10 needs: libunwind-16

Deb11 needs: libunwind8 /completely fine in debian repos even on Deb10/

Anyway, there is always a way to compile it yourself it is just 

Miroslav Šebek

administrátor HAKO, a.s.
Tel.: +421 904 691 998

Dňa 19. 3. 2023 o 21:02 Martin Holub via Users napísal(a):
> Hello Fred,
> According to https://wiki.debian.org/DebianReleases Debian 10 buster 
> is EOL as of Sept 10th 2022 (this was half a year ago), ~1 year after 
> the current stable Debian was released. One may discuss supporting it 
> via some LTS mechanism, but i get Vsevolods point by not supporting it 
> directly, but only stable releases. Maybe this policy could be 
> outlined somewhere on the rspamd.com website (i haven't found anything 
> about it?), but i totally understand that he has not the time to 
> support the "compiler hell". One Option to have newer rspamd on older 
> system might be switching to a dockerzized setup, maybe you want to 
> look into that?
> Cheers
> Martin
> Am 19.03.23 um 20:02 schrieb Fred Zinsli via Users:
>> So you have already stopped Debian 10 support in spite of the fact 
>> that official support stops 1 Aug 2022 and LTS support expires 2028.
>> This means that you are supporting "forced" OS upgrades regardless of 
>> the users circumstances.
>> If this is your position then you should be advising users of your 
>> position and when you intend to stop support for any given OS version.
>> This is a position that should be reviewed.
>> Regards
>> Fred
>> On 19/03/2023 21:13, Vsevolod Stakhov wrote:
>>> On 19/03/2023 05:55, Miroslav Šebek via Users wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> latest rspamd update from 3.4 to 3.5 on Debian 10 is causing 
>>>> package to be removed because it depends on packages libc++1-16, 
>>>> libc++abi1-16 and libunwind-16 which are all in experimental debian 
>>>> repos only.
>>>> Right now staying on 3.4 but will there be some kind of solution 
>>>> for this?
>>> Debian 10 is EOL. I'm not going to support updates for EOL
>>> distributives. The debian packages for Rspamd 3.5 are still not in a
>>> good shape but I will definitely drop support for Debian 10 (buster)
>>> and Ubuntu Bionic as they are no longer supported. The burden to
>>> support old compilers is too high...

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