[Rspamd-Users] exclude IP from RBL checking

Vu Ngoc VU vvu+rspamd at drafree.fr
Fri Nov 4 13:24:57 UTC 2022

I've tried many settings and still cannot disable RBL checks for some networks.

I've seen in the documentation webpage (https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/rbl.html) the local_exclude_ip_map setting which should exclude networks from that map being checked by RBL module.

So, I've filled a map file and declared it in local.d/rbl.conf file.
Since it had no effects, I tried to put that setting inside each RBL sections too (with the exclude_local = true;)

By looking at my unbound's logs, I can still that RBLs are still checked for those networks.

I have no idea now what I can try.

Also, what is the meaning of default_ prefix (eg default_exclude_users) in main section of /etc/rspamd/modules.d/rbl.conf?

I've tried to write that into my local.d/rbl.conf too but same results.

Goal : I'm trying to set exceptions on Spamhaus DQS checking.

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