[Rspamd-Users] ham/spam classification via forward

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Tue Jun 7 07:40:09 UTC 2022


   it is possible via the virtual table in postfix - if you use postfix ^^

   Only the "to" header is manipulated in this case.

   Then you are able to setup an honeypot which report al mails to thos
   mailbox as spam. Another sieve / procmail /... - rule can delete the
   mail after that.

   lutz.niederer at gmx.net schrieb am 05.06.2022 09:11 (GMT +02:00):


we know that we are able to classify mail as ham or spam by moving it from one
imap folder to another and notifying rspamd about that.
There was the idea of forwarding that mail to specific mailboxes to classify the
as ham or spam (and delete after that).  This should technically be no problem.
But in this case the headers are quite new, the sender is another one.  We are
not sure if the system will learn by that, that the forwarding person is a
spammer or hammer.  And this would not be the original spammer or hammer.
What do we get if we implement this?  Does it make sense?


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