[Rspamd-Users] v3.0 rspamd DMARC report code doesnt't load config

Kyle A. kyle at cci1986.com
Wed Sep 22 17:51:41 UTC 2021

No seg fault anymore, but this module seems broken:

[mailserver:~ root]# rspamadm dmarc_report
No reports for 20210922
No reports for 20210921
[mailserver:~ root]#

At least 1k more messages have been handled since my last post.  DMARC 
reporting worked for us in all the 2.x versions.


On 9/21/2021 3:05 PM, Kyle A. wrote:
> Michael,
> Thanks for the suggestion.  This is interesting:
> [mailserver:~ root]# rspamadm dmarc_report -v
> previous last report date is 1632160659
> Process date 20210921
> No reports for 20210921
> Process date 20210920
> No reports for 20210920
> send data for 0 domains (from 1 to 0)
> [mailserver:~ root]# rspamadm dmarc_report
> No reports for 20210921
> No reports for 20210920
> [mailserver:~ root]#
> The GOOD news is it did not seg fault.  The bad news it is not showing 
> any data to report.  This server has handled about 1.2k messages so far 
> today, so there should be data to report.
> Thanks,
> Kyle

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