[Rspamd-Users] v3.0 rspamd DMARC report code doesnt't load config

Kyle A. kyle at cci1986.com
Tue Sep 21 19:05:31 UTC 2021


Thanks for the suggestion.  This is interesting:

[mailserver:~ root]# rspamadm dmarc_report -v
previous last report date is 1632160659
Process date 20210921
No reports for 20210921
Process date 20210920
No reports for 20210920
send data for 0 domains (from 1 to 0)
[mailserver:~ root]# rspamadm dmarc_report
No reports for 20210921
No reports for 20210920
[mailserver:~ root]#

The GOOD news is it did not seg fault.  The bad news it is not showing 
any data to report.  This server has handled about 1.2k messages so far 
today, so there should be data to report.


On 9/21/2021 11:15 AM, Michael Kliewe wrote:
> Hi Kyle,
> try the verbose mode ("rspamadm dmarc_report -v"), you should get more 
> information then. Maybe it helps debugging the problem, and maybe you 
> see where it seg faults.
> Michael

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