[Rspamd-Users] Disable symbol on certain filetype

Thomas thomas at plant.systems
Fri Sep 17 08:44:52 UTC 2021


We have the problem as described in this github issue: 

When a file has a .p7m extension rspamd inserts BOGUS_ENCRYPTED_AND_TEXT 
and HEADER_BROKEN symbols and identifies the mail as spam.
Now I have made a simple multipmap rule to add a negative score if a p7m 
file is detected:

         type = "filename";
         filter = "extension";
         map = "${LOCAL_CONFDIR}/maps/filename_extension_wl.map";
         score = -30;
         symbol = "WHITELIST_FILE_EXTENSION";

Is there a way to simply disable the two symbols 
BOGUS_ENCRYPTED_AND_TEXT/HEADER_BROKEN if we encounter a p7m file? Or is 
the above the better solution?


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