[Rspamd-Users] rspamd with clamav and clamav-unofficial-sigs from Sanesecurity

Andreas Wass - Glas Gasperlmair a.wass at glas-gasperlmair.at
Thu Nov 25 11:01:52 UTC 2021

Now I installed it like Guide below, no errors, clamscan --debug 2>&1 
/dev/null | grep "loaded" shows me a lot more signatures since i 
installed it.

But when it comes to testing with your signatures from:

No of this 3 Testmails are blocked

Here is my /etc/rspamd/local.d/antivirus.conf
clamav {
  # https://gist.github.com/c-rosenberg/05b6519d1f6ef36903240a3cf1e4e9be
  scan_text_mime = true;

  action = "reject";
  scan_mime_parts = true;
  log_clean = true;
  symbol = "CLAM_VIRUS";
  type = "clamav";
  servers = "/var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl";
does anyone have any advice?

Am 25.11.2021 um 10:24 schrieb Andreas Wass - Glas Gasperlmair:
> Hi, all
> some experiences with rspamd, clamav and additional 
> clamav-unofficial-sigs from Sanesecurity?
> Anything to configure additional, or does it work straight away after 
> installation?
> Install Guide for Debian:
> github.com/extremeshok/clamav-unofficial-sigs/blob/master/guides/ubuntu-debian.md 

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