[Rspamd-Users] outbound spam filtering

Julien Sansonnens julien at jsansonnens.ch
Tue Jan 26 07:11:04 UTC 2021

Dear list,

My server hosts two types of mail accounts:
- local user
- forward users

I would like to improve the processing of spam in outbound messaging, especially for forward users. As you know, sending SPAM damages the reputation of the server, so outbound filtering is very important.

I would like to be liberal in what I receive, (to avoid false positives and let the user make the decisions), but very conservative in what I send.

1. Is it possible to set different scores for inbound and outbound messages? Ideally, I would like to never reject in inbound and set add_header to 6. Regading outbound, I would like to reject at 2.

2. If this is not possible, another solution, less flexible, would be to reject outbound messages that have the X-Spam header set to yes (in the case of forward, the header would have been set by the mailserver itself).

Or maybe there is a simpler solution? The documentation on how to deal with outbound spam is quite incomplete imho.

Thanks for any advice, have a perfect day

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