[Rspamd-Users] Fwd: Local fuzzy training?

pettai+rspamd at sunet.se pettai+rspamd at sunet.se
Tue Dec 28 18:41:10 UTC 2021


I’ve installed Rspamd 3.1 and I'm trying out making a local fuzzy storage, but the emails data I’m feeding it with is missing necessary data?
I get this message from rspamd then POSTing to the worker-controller HTTP endpoint:

{"error":"No content to generate fuzzy for flag 11”}

Does /fuzzyadd just need the message body or does it need the complete email with all headers?
The Flag + Weight -headers are added with the POSTing, but are there more headers that’s needed?
The developer docs doesn’t mention that this is needed AFAICT:

Btw. I see that the script-module [1] I used as inspiration adds a lot of headers then performing a /check scan, 
(“Ip”, “From”, "Queue-Id”, “Helo”, “User”, “Subject”). Is this unnecessary (targeted for a older version of Rspamd) ?


[1] https://github.com/halon-extras/rspamd/blob/main/rspamd.hsl#L83

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