[Rspamd-Users] packaging 3.0 with libfmt and libfu2

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Fri Aug 20 18:53:44 UTC 2021


It seems two new libs are shipped with 3.0 sources: libfmt and libfu2.

What are recommendations for downstream packaging? Use the libfmt and
libfu2 from the Linux distro? Or prefer to statically build the libs
shipped with rspamd 3.0?

I'm asking because I'm trying to update the openSUSE packages. Build
works just fine but installation of the package fails with

Problem: nothing provides 'libfmt.so.7()(64bit)' needed by the to be
installed rspamd-3.0-35.1.x86_64

Which -D arguments should I use when invoking cmake and why?

You can find the current .spec version herein:


Ciao, Michael.

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