[Rspamd-Users] redirectors list customization

Bressier Simon bressier.s at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 22:07:26 UTC 2020

Meh, and regarding the domain « not handled » I just saw our server was not
accepting HEAD requests, which explains why it didn’t work, so we’ll need
to support that.

Le ven. 23 oct. 2020 à 15:38, Bressier Simon <bressier.s at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> To handle wilcards, I've modified a bit */usr/share/rspamd/plugins/url_redirector.lua
> *to replace get_host() by get_tld() on the lines checking entries on the
> map, I guess it will do the job, but maybe it could be good to allow an
> option to define that behavior ?
> so, instead of checking if *r.sub.domain.com <http://r.sub.domain.com>*
> is listed on the redirector map, it will check if *domain.com
> <http://domain.com>* is listed
> Le ven. 23 oct. 2020 à 11:06, Bressier Simon <bressier.s at gmail.com> a
> écrit :
>> Hello folks,
>> I'm very new to that list, so, please forgive me if the question has been
>> already discussed here in the past :)
>> I'm trying to implement the redirectors module, to properly RBL scan urls
>> hidden behind redirectors.
>> I've tried using the doc provided here
>> https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/url_redirector.html
>> and almost the same conf as described, it is working fine on usual
>> redirectors services such as bit.ly for example, so, redirector domains
>> already listed on the default rspamd list.
>> What I'd like would be to customize that list by inserting more custom
>> domains, used internally to provide redirections to our own customers, to
>> validate they are not sending bad content hidden behind our shared
>> redirector domain.
>> So, I'm creating a *${LOCAL_CONFDIR}/local.d/maps.d/redirectors.inc*
>> file and inserting my custom domain inside, that file is properly loaded as
>> per the :
>> 2020-10-23 08:23:58 #12876(controller) <48y7dd>; map;
>>> rspamd_map_file_read_callback: rereading map file
>>> /etc/rspamd/local.d/maps.d/redirectors.inc
>> But rspamd do not identify that domain as a redirector, and do not insert
>> a MY_REDIRECTOR_SYMBOL on the symbols, nor RBL scan the urls behind that
>> redir domain.
>> Is there any extra task to perform to have extra domains used as
>> redirectors ?
>> Second question would be, is it possible to put wilcards on redirector
>> domains ? To handle any subdomain as a redirector as well.
>> Thank you very much in advance !
>> Best,
>> Simon

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