[Rspamd-Users] DKIM not signing - help debugging

André Peters andre.peters at debinux.de
Thu Oct 22 06:47:18 UTC 2020

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Betreff: [Rspamd-Users] DKIM not signing - help debugging

>rspamd is no longer DKIM signing my outbound email and I don't understand why.
>As far as I can tell, nothing relevant has changed in the configuration.
>The only thing I can glean from the logs is:
>2020-10-22 06:14:20 #63177(rspamd_proxy) <0e6dd1>; dkim_signing; lua_dkim_tools.lua:170: mail is ineligible for signing
>This is with debug_modules = [ "dkim_signing" ] in local.d/logging.inc
>Any ideas on how I can debug this effectively?  Permissions haven't changed, configuration hasn't changed.  I am confused.
>Many thanks!
>-- Philip Paeps
>Senior Reality Engineer
>Alternative Enterprises
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Can you post your dkim signing config?

   if settings.sign_authenticated and auser then
     lua_util.debugm(N, task, 'user is authenticated')
     is_authed = true
   elseif (settings.sign_networks and settings.sign_networks:get_key(ip)) 
     is_sign_networks = true
     lua_util.debugm(N, task, 'mail is from address in sign_networks')
   elseif settings.sign_local and is_local then
     lua_util.debugm(N, task, 'mail is from local address')
   elseif settings.sign_inbound and not is_local and not auser then
     lua_util.debugm(N, task, 'mail was sent to us')
     lua_util.debugm(N, task, 'mail is ineligible for signing')
     return false,{}

See all non-matching criteria above. At least one setting must match to 


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