[Rspamd-Users] rspamd can't read key files anymore

Ronny Seffner r.seffner at seffner-schlesier.de
Tue Oct 20 14:15:57 UTC 2020

Thank you.

> > 2020-10-20 14:19:03 #5402(rspamd_proxy) <d3f0aa>; proxy;
> > dkim_module_load_key_format: cannot load dkim key
> > /etc/postfix/dkim/dkim285: cannot parse raw private key:
> > error:0D06B08E:asn1 encoding routines:asn1_d2i_read_bio:not enough data
> > 
> Add dot to the file name.
Its working.

But let me ask why; is there any do-it-so-right-guide telling unix files need an dot?

best regards

Ronny Seffner

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