[Rspamd-Users] How to configure rspamd to never reject email?

André Peters andre.peters at debinux.de
Sat Mar 28 14:35:24 UTC 2020

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>On 28/03/2020 12:34, Gerald Galster wrote:
>>>>I'm migrating from dspam (which is no longer maintained) to rspamd, and I'm running into a few issues.
>>>>My setup is a private mail server running dovecot and postfix. Unlike most public mail servers, it does not receive mail directly from the internet. Most email is retrieved with fetchmail from various external mailboxes. Thus, features like rejecting mail or greylisting makes no sense, because the mail has already been accepted elsewhere. How can I disable them? Basically I want to configure rspamd to only add headers and never reject any email. The headers are needed to move spam to the junk folder with a sieve script.
>>>Try the following: create or edit
>>>reject = 99;           # Reject when reaching this score
>>>greylist = 98;         # Apply greylisting when reaching this score
>>>add_header = 5.1;      # Add header when reaching this score
>>>rewrite_subject = 5.2; # in case you want this
>>>subject = "[SPAM] %s"; # ...
>>>Then restart rspamd.
>>>Watch your logs and check the spam scores. I've seen mails with 50 points but so far none over 90.
>>Or if you want to disable ist completely:
>I already tried this:
># cat local.d/settings.conf
>some_settings {
>   apply {
>     actions {
>       reject = null;
>     }
>   }
>But it doesn't seems to work. Mail is still rejected.
>This doesn't seems to work either. The module seems to be disabled:
># rspamadm configdump -m
>Modules disabled (explicitly): greylist, url_tags, url_reputation, spamtrap, dcc, mx_check
>But mails are still getting the "greylist" action when I look at the history in the rspamd web interface.
>So either I'm doing something wrong, or I'm just misunderstanding how this is supposed to work.
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You are using a settings map without any trigger (rcpt, from, 
authenticated, etc.). The example has "authenticated = true" set as 

It does not make sense to use a settings map to enable a setting as 
global default anyway.

Use actions.conf to set reject = null

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