[Rspamd-Users] Call for testing: Rspamd 2.5 RC 1

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Thu Mar 26 15:14:50 UTC 2020


Is this something I do/can download via git?
(for compiling/installing on a Gentoo-system)

Git clone + listing tags 'only' lists up to and including v2.4.

Kim Sindalsen

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This is the first call for testing for Rspamd upcoming release. I plan to do
such a calls regularly to improve the quality of the releases and to ensure
that all users do not experience any troubles during upgrade.

Therefore, I have decided to mark the current experimental release as the
first release candidate for 2.5. There are no breaking changes and I have
tested this release in many environments so upgrade to it should be not more
risky than an upgrade to any stable release.

So the package version I call to test for is the following:


Please switch to the rolling/experimental packages to test it in your
environment. You can switch back once 2.5 is finally released. I do not plan
to introduce any slashing changes till the final 2.5 release so please
report any findings you have before the release. That's the main goal of
this release candidate.

You can find that the first start of Rspamd will take more time than usually
(around 10-30 seconds). That is intended as Rspamd has to recompile some of
the url pattern matchers. Unfortunately that was inevitable. It will not
happen on subsequent restarts nor to the subsequent updates (including
update to the release).
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