[Rspamd-Users] Email lookups only on headers?

Riccardo Alfieri riccardo.alfieri at spamteq.com
Wed Mar 25 13:07:28 UTC 2020


I looked in the documentation and didn't find anything. If there is 
something that I miss apologies for the stupid question :)

I'm running rspamd 2.4-2~buster and while debugging the rbl module 
(debug_modules = ["rbl"] in logging.inc) noticed that the RBLs that deal 
with email addresses (MSBL, Rspamd) apparently aren't checked with email 
addresses found in body.

In rspamd.log I find these lines:
2020-03-25 12:53:53 #20924(controller) <111bac>; rbl; rbl.lua:649: check 
replyto {[addr] = redacted at redacted.com, [flags] = {[braced] = true, 
= true}, [user] = redacted, [name] = Name S, [domain] = redacted.com}
2020-03-25 12:53:53 #20924(controller) <111bac>; rbl; rbl.lua:791: rbl 
MSBL_EBL; resolve redacted at redacted.com -> <hash>.ebl.msbl.org

That is indeed the email address in the Reply-To header and is correctly 

However, in the email body there is another email, that is detected when 
I run "rspamc sample.eml" and look at the output:

Emails: ["redacted at gmail.com"]

But I don't see the corresponding lookup for this address in the logfile.

Is that an expected behaviour or I am missing something?

Best regards,
Riccardo Alfieri

Spamhaus Technology

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