[Rspamd-Users] Having trouble setting up a user blacklist

Michael Hall MiHall at primustel.ca
Mon Mar 16 14:29:37 UTC 2020

Hello folks,

I'm trying to set up a user blacklist using Redis. This is my /etc/rspamd/local.d/multimap.conf:

blacklisted_user {
  type = "user";
  map = "redis://blacklisted_users";
  prefilter = true;
  action = reject;

blacklisted_ip {
  type = "ip";
  map = "redis://blacklisted_ips";
  prefilter = true;
  action = reject;

The IP blacklist works fine, but if I do a packet capture between rspamd and Redis, it's not even checking the user.

If I change type = "user" to type = "from" it works, but I want to use the authentication username, not the from address.

Any suggestions?


Michael Hall
Systems Administrator, Unix
Primus Management ULC

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