[Rspamd-Users] standalone configuration?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jun 22 22:52:36 UTC 2020

For purposes of testing and understanding, I'd like to set up rspamd so
that it simply runs in the foreground, reading one message (or an mbox)
and outputting those same messages with the spam results inserted as
headers (or logged or whatever) and no other changes. Not integrated
with any MTA, not running as a daemon, just operating standalone.  I've
been perusing the FAQ and other docs but have not found a way to do
this. Any advice / doc pointers on how to do this?

What I've tried so far ...  I installed the centos7 rspamd package
without any changes. From the man page, I saw there was a -f (--no-fork)
option, so I tried running
  rspamd -f -u _rspamd -g _rspamd </tmp/in.msg
where /tmp/in.msg is just a test message. I could see from the log that
it did all kinds of stuff to initialize itself, but what it didn't do is
generate any output that I could see. Not on stdout anyway.

I also saw there is a "wizard" to simplify configuration, so I ran (as root)
  rspamadm configwizard
but it asked questions about particular modules and features, nothing
about overall setup that I could discern, before aborting with a Lua
error, maybe because I said "n" to "set Redis servers?".
  Do you want to setup dkim signing feature?[y/N]: n
  2020-06-20 18:24:33 #0(main) lua_thread_str_error_cb: call to rspamadm lua script failed (2): /usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_redis.lua:407: attempt to index local 'options' (a nil value); trace: [1]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_redis.lua:491 - try_load_redis_servers [Lua]}; [2]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/rspamadm//configwizard.lua:455 - check_redis_classifier [Lua]}; [3]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/rspamadm//configwizard.lua:652 - setup_statistic [Lua]}; [4]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/rspamadm//configwizard.lua:786 - <unknown> [Lua]};

Any help on getting rspamd to run as a one-shot analyzer appreciated.
--thanks, karl at freefriends.org

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