[Rspamd-Users] "calling for obsolete method to register deps for symbol"

Lauri Anteploon lauri at zone.ee
Thu Jun 18 07:28:34 UTC 2020


We have in the /etc/rspamd/rspamd.local.lua

    local zone_reject = function(task)
               if task:has_symbol('DMARC_POLICY_QUARANTINE') then
         task:set_pre_result('reject', 'Mark as SPAM')
    local id = rspamd_config:register_symbol('ZONE_REJECT', 1.0, zone_reject)
    rspamd_config:register_dependency(id, 'DMARC_POLICY_QUARANTINE')

When I run "rspamd configtest", then among other things I get this 
message: calling for obsolete method to register deps for symbol 
What would be the non-obsolete method of doing the same thing as in the 
code I pasted above?

Lauri Anteploon

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