[Rspamd-Users] Spamtrap module looks only at To header and not actual recipient

George Shammas rspamd at shamm.as
Sun Jul 12 03:45:30 UTC 2020

I'm a big fan of wildcard domains and setting up aliases for all
services I use. If a service get's compromised it can be bucketed
towards spam.

There are now several of these emails that get a significant amount of
spam, but only about a third actually have a To: header at all. The
rest either have spoofed To: are missing To: headers. The spamtrap
module seems to only look at the To: header and so they all squeak by
the spamtrap rules.

There doesn't seem to be a method to make the spamtrap module look at 
who the mail was originally intended for. And since spammers are so 
great at spoofing headers it also greatly lowers the effectiveness of 
the module.

Is there a way to make the spamtrap module look at the recipient 
instead of the To: header?
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