[Rspamd-Users] ARC-signing does not happen

David Krantz gazorg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 22:00:38 UTC 2020

On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 2:01 PM David Krantz <gazorg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I still cannot get the arc module to emit any header at all, the only
> effect I have found from any config is the ARC_NA symbol in the
> rspamd-log. I have not been successful in activating debug logging for
> the module, adding "arc" to the debug_modules-list and then reloading
> rspamd did not give any effect at least.

Are there any hidden prerequisites for ARC-signing to work? I think
that I have exhausted the available options for configuration, and I
have tested the config above and others without any visible effect.
The source code for the ARC module has a few dependencies registered
but I do not know how that works. My ARC config is as follows:

*** Section arc ***
use_esld = true;
key_prefix = "ARC_KEYS";
allow_envfrom_empty = true;
symbol_sign = "ARC_SIGNED";
allow_username_mismatch = true;
sign_local = true;
use_domain_sign_inbound = "recipient";
allow_hdrfrom_mismatch = true;
selector = "dkim";
auth_only = true;
try_fallback = false;
path = "/var/lib/rspamd/dkim/$domain.$selector.key";
use_redis = false;
sign_inbound = true;
domain {
    example.com {
        path = "/var/lib/rspamd/dkim/example.com.dkim.key";
        selector = "dkim";
domain {
    listsrv.example.com {
        path = "/var/lib/rspamd/dkim/listsrv.example.com.dkim.key";
        selector = "dkim";
use_domain = "header";
allow_hdrfrom_multiple = true;

*** End of section arc ***

I have tried with auth_only=false and many other iterations but
without any success. So I start to suspect that there is something
fundamental missing that I have missed. Happy for any suggestions.

// David

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