[Rspamd-Users] avast.lua virus scanner module for Rspamd

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Fri Jan 31 16:59:28 UTC 2020

* Vsevolod Stakhov:

> if you want to do some brave experiments then it is not a problem at
> all. But I would suggest to make it in a more canonical way. At least
> when you intend to include your work into the upstream project.

As I mentioned in <87sgjwtxrl.fsf at wedjat.horus-it.com> I would be happy
to do things in an approved fashion if there was proper documentation
available. Looking at uncommented code is helpful in its own way, but
does not suffice. Is there some architectural design document or similar
information available for Rspamd's Lua virus scanner modules?

> I'm sorry if my messages were seeming to be too harsh: I've not
> intended that.

Thanks for the clarification.


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