[Rspamd-Users] map setup with multimap

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 15:40:44 UTC 2020


I'm using the latest rspamd 2.5 on a FreeBSD system. I'm wanting
clarification on various map setups as I'd like to add features to my
setup. Also if anyone has examples of these i'd appreciate it as I'm
understanding that most of these maps are regex which my knowledge is
rutimentary at best.

I'm wanting to check the from: header for suspicious activity, like
things coming from my local machine even though they're external,
signs of obvious header forgeries things like that.

I've got a top-level domain map which blocks tlds that I don't want to
see. Can I get a sanity check on this? An example tld should be a
case-insensitive check:


The next two are a block for specific subjects I don't want to see as
an example viagra and a block for specific body content, content being
words I don't want to see messages about or messages in alternate
languages or character sets or that have known spamminesses.

Suggestions welcome.

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