[Rspamd-Users] STARTTLS vs TLS - affects header check?

Aste aste at sveiks.lv
Mon Oct 28 15:31:38 UTC 2019


Monday, October 28, 2019, 5:13:40 PM, you wrote:
DS> can somebody explain what's happend (see Screenshot) ?
There is hard to guess, without full headers of both e-mails.
It   can   be  configuration  problem  in  Rspamd  or MTA, or diferent
senders ip or diferent apications....

Best Regards

DS> The first time the email client uses Port 587, the second email
DS> 25. I don't understand why the first mail the headers seems not
DS> checked and the second time the headers are checked...
DS> The difference is only STARTTLS vs TLS...

DS> [cid:image001.jpg at 01D58DAA.0C9E37F0]

DS> https://qcloud2.q-mex.net/f/c9f0a210c2/?raw=1

DS> Greetings Sebastian

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