[Rspamd-Users] Bayes learning question.

Reio Remma reio at mrstuudio.ee
Fri Nov 22 10:41:46 UTC 2019

On 22/11/2019 12:38, Daniel, Sebastian wrote:
> Can you give me the right format for the new config example? Because the maillist cut the format and if i copied&paste your new config solution, i will get a syntax error...
> And for the Offtopic:
> Sorry, it's not possible to help anyone from the team with the documentation - because i'm only a user.
> i do not understand a word of lua and much less how rspamd works inside.
> The only thing i can give is a response as a simple, stupid admin, that only would use and config rspamd.
> And sorry, that i can't praise. It is not against you personally, but rather the lack of information.
> Because the Question and your answer about Bayes: Who knows this information 3 weeks later? Nobody?!? It's only a email wihtout a history.
> Why is not a forum live? All these Questions are after a year and later readable and the next user can search and find a answer.
> But as it's now -  your information must be written down - because of the missing history as it has a forum.
> If there is a forum life, you and your team don't update constantly the documentation - because your answers are stored and visible to anyone, who's searching for.

Do you mean forum archives?


All in all, it's a price we have to pay because Rspamd development is 
very rapid and documentation unfortunately can't always keep up.


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