[Rspamd-Users] Bayes learning question.

Daniel, Sebastian s.daniel at q-mex.net
Fri Nov 22 10:38:25 UTC 2019

Can you give me the right format for the new config example? Because the maillist cut the format and if i copied&paste your new config solution, i will get a syntax error...

And for the Offtopic:

Sorry, it's not possible to help anyone from the team with the documentation - because i'm only a user. 
i do not understand a word of lua and much less how rspamd works inside.

The only thing i can give is a response as a simple, stupid admin, that only would use and config rspamd. 

And sorry, that i can't praise. It is not against you personally, but rather the lack of information.

Because the Question and your answer about Bayes: Who knows this information 3 weeks later? Nobody?!? It's only a email wihtout a history.
Why is not a forum live? All these Questions are after a year and later readable and the next user can search and find a answer.
But as it's now -  your information must be written down - because of the missing history as it has a forum. 

If there is a forum life, you and your team don't update constantly the documentation - because your answers are stored and visible to anyone, who's searching for.

In this sense:
Use stones that get in your way to build a bridge.

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Please stop top posting - it is so annoying when everybody uses their own quoting/posting style. And there is a **simple** rule here, in this mailing list: no bloody top posting.

Never, nie, nunca, jamais!

WRT docs. After reading your post I was under impression that you actually pay my wages for writing the documentation. This is wrong, nobody does that!

So the grim reality is that I'm updating documentation merely when I have a good mood and intention to do it. Posts like yours one only discourage myself from doing good things to users who receive my work for free and just complain endlessly instead of helping to maintain the project. All documentation is open for changing in contributions but it is way easier to blame somebody than to send an edit suggestion...
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