[Rspamd-Users] Message size limiting in rpsamd

Sophie Loewenthal sophie at klunky.co.uk
Mon May 6 19:44:28 UTC 2019

> On 6 May 2019, at 21:34, Tim Harman via Users <users at lists.rspamd.com> wrote:
> On 07/05/2019 6:12 am, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:
>> I give up. Please disregard my question. Clearly its not what folk
>> want me to ask. I’ll work it myself.
>> Had also wanted to use rspamd in another way without a milter, but I
>> think I will find a way with /usr/bin/rspamc learn_spam and using find
>> to limit the input to this.
> No need to sulk.  If someone posted on a car mailing list "Hey I want to drive my car down the road without tires what's the best way to do this" you're probably going to get a lot of "What the hell?" and a lot less "Have you tried train tracks?"
> The problem is that we don't understand what you're trying to achieve.
> Normal mail flow logic (which is what most of us aim to apply) dictates that if you're going to accept a mail at the MTA level, to then be scanned, you don't then want to cause the milter to fail because the message is too large.  It seems pointless - why accept a mail of size X only to reject/ignore it because it's greater than size Y.
> Anyway, to answer to your question, I'm 99% sure that rspamd has no such function, for exactly the reason above.
> Probably a better way to approach it is to explain what you're actually trying to achieve and people might be able to offer a better suggestion/solution.
> Chin up :)
> Tim
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Yep, you are right Tim. Chin put back up :)

I have two different scenarios:

1.  run /usr/bin/rspamc learn_spam, but have rspamd ignore large messages. Although I can use find /mailstore/path/ -type f -size -100M to get around this.

2. One of the rspamd processes crashes a while ago and I’ve not have time to replicate this. I wondered what if the MTA did not trigger values set by message_size_limit before the "Postfix Before-Queue Content Filter". Because I did not have time to investigate this and wanted a quick fix, I thought I would ask a Yes/No question: Can message size be limited in rspamd?  

Hope this all makes sense.


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