[Rspamd-Users] How to debug unexpected RSPAMD_EMAILBL score?

Aste aste at sveiks.lv
Thu Jun 27 14:48:38 UTC 2019


Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 7:11:50 PM, you wrote:
VZ> and I have no idea where does this weird
VZ> "pdj11uthygksitexhj564i1yyehsjbft"
VZ> string come from. Looking at the only other occurrence of RSPAMD_EMAILBL in
VZ> my log, I see this:

VZ> RSPAMD_EMAILBL(9.50){longgiacomputer.gmail.com;y6k3i5t3suzw3ygj6jrz3sgydey1d84u;}

There  are  problem with hashing system, that somehow hash dot instead
of email (mostly in emails from mailing lists) and  blacklist database
email.rspamd.com  where  hash  for  dot is stored. I tried to get some
contact  here,  who  is  responsible  for  that  database, but without
success, so I turned this blacklist off by setting score 0 for symbol
RSPAMD_EMAILBL. There are also sometime problems wit facebook and some
other  notification emails, which get blacklisted, so better is not to
use this blacklist, or, at least need to lover score for it.


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