[Rspamd-Users] Email hits BAYES_* after a few times

James list at xdrv.co.uk
Tue Jun 4 09:54:18 UTC 2019

On 04/06/2019 10:06, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:

>> On 4 Jun 2019, at 10:39 am, James <list at xdrv.co.uk> wrote:
>>> On 02/06/2019 19:47, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:
>>> For some reason emails that come in more than twice start hitting BAYES_* rule, but these emails were not processed by 'rspamc learn_spam' or 'rspamc learn_ham', those can be discounted.  How does this email get into BAYES when I didn’t feed any eamils from the sender into rspamc learn_spam?
>> See:
>> https://github.com/rspamd/rspamd/issues/2251
> Et voilà.  Thanks James. Wonder if I should add a MeToo Comment to the discussion.

Pourquoi pas?  Although I don't know what is needed to get a change. I 
put a not inconsiderable amount of effort into debugging rspamd and 
writing those patches.  Whist many or even most installations will 
activate redis the default bayes backend is sqlite.  The default should 
work particularly as the default settings are more likely to be used by 
less savvy users.  I'm still happy to assist but the process came to a halt.

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