[Rspamd-Users] FROM_NEQ_DISPLAY_NAME filter

Info @ Qadisha.IT info at qadisha.it
Sat Jul 20 07:07:59 UTC 2019

Good day

i notice quite few entries in my log like the following and i wonder if 
it's possible to slightly change the rule in order to reduce the score 
if the difference in the fields is just the low/upper case.

FROM_NEQ_DISPLAY_NAME(4.00){qadisha.it; Qadisha.IT;}

I checked in the rspamd directory for the file that host this rule and i 
found nothing.
Is it possible the rule is validate with external service? If yes, is 
there any way to override it?


Qadisha srls

via Casa Rosa, 33
80063 Piano di Sorrento, Napoli (Italy)
Tel. +39 081 0116900
FAX  +39 081 0111326
info at qadisha.it

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