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Huber, Peter peter.huber at uni-wh.de
Wed Jul 10 12:32:25 UTC 2019


We have an issue using rspamd and s/mime singed / encrypted mails.

I am using Outlook with the option to sign a mail with a s/mine signature. If I receive an s/mime signed mail, Outlooks replies with a signed mail by default and I often missed to disable signing. So when Outlooks signes an outgoing mail, rspamd seems to break this mail, maybe because of the dkim signature?
There is winmail.dat attached to the mail and there a no chance for the receiving person to validate the signature. It is not even possible to read the mail at all.

I guess I have misconfigured rspamd, is this possible? Why is rapsmd destroying a s/mine signed mail?
Can you help me?

Kind regards


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