[Rspamd-Users] rejecting tld

Hirschler András hirschler.andras at hunetkft.hu
Thu Jul 4 13:31:54 UTC 2019

>> I would like to reject certian tld-s in the from and/or mailfrom.
>> (like: .icu, .xyz)
> Have you considered doing this on the MTA level? 
> These rejections can be achieved with a single sender/header check in Postfix,
> but I am not sure about Microsoft SMTP Server which you seem to be using.

Yes, I considered it. Even had it worked with Postfix, but I would like
to have all my rules in rspamd. It is easier to manage, that way.

(I use a Postfix/Rspamd as a spam filter, in front of our Exchange server.)


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