[Rspamd-Users] Contact form emails always go to spam

Nihad @ RSPAMD maillist rspamd-mlist-user-qa at eminovic.ba
Wed Aug 14 19:50:16 UTC 2019

Checking what symbol triggers the spam score is first thing in troubleshooting.

As mentioned above you did not disclose this.
I can guess that it might be one of those that check sender domain and reply-to if they are the same. If not fires penalty score.
If so, you can introduce custom header that will be used to “whitelist” form.

Let’s say you have example.com hosting web form and sending mails from the same domain...
user filling form is providing user at example.org as email and this will be reply-to header.
Form creates x-mail-test header with xyz as a value. Just to have an extra argument in the check that this rule will only be triggered upon this form submission. And not on others.

You can then in local.d/settings.conf specify
To check
From = example.com and
X-mail-test = xyz
Symbol_disabled = list of symbols to disable

I did similar thing to my cronjobs that had links to spammers and triggered symbols.


logwatch {
priority = high;
from = "logwatch at localhost";
ip = "";
apply {
symbols_disabled = ["SH_EMAIL_DBL"];
Here you can see my example.
It is checking for from and ip, and if both match, it disables symbols that would usually trigger these emails.
Adjusting it slightly will probably give you desired results.

On 14 Aug 2019, 21.05 +0200, Tim Harman via Users , wrote:
> On 14/08/2019 10:50 pm, Martin Brampton via Users wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I think this has probably been raised before, but I haven't been able
> > to find a complete solution.
> >
> > Mail from a contact form can't sensibly be sent from the email address
> > of the person making contact, so the common practice is to send from
> > the web site (or similar) with a reply-to of the person making
> > contact.
> >
> > By default rspamd applies a 6 point penalty, which forces mail to
> > spam. This seems to happen even if the sending domain is whitelisted.
> >
> > The 6 point penalty seems excessive, but I cannot find a robust way to
> > change it. I'd be grateful for advice.
> >
> > Best regards, Martin
> It is very hard to help you as you don't provide any logs, don't even
> tell us which rule is firing to score you 6 points, nor give any
> configuration you tried to whitelist the domain.
> My one suggestion in the absence of any useful information is to ensure
> the sending domain has DMARC setup and is passing, and in rspamd to add
> the domain the DMARC whitelist, giving you a -7 rule trigger.
> Tim
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