[Rspamd-Users] RECEIVED_SPAMHAUS_FAIL(0.00) when own Spamhaustech.com account is specified

Sophie Loewenthal sophie at klunky.co.uk
Sun Apr 7 20:33:42 UTC 2019


I saw this in emails:

 RECEIVED_SPAMHAUS_FAIL(0.00)[ timed out]

I have this configured:
# cat rbl.conf 
rbls {
   psbl {
      rbl = "psbl.surriel.com";
      symbol = "RCVD_IN_PSBL";
   spamhaus {
       rbl = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx.zen.dq.spamhaus.net";
   spamhaus_xbl {
       rbl = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx.zen.dq.spamhaus.net";


Local DNS resolves just fine:
# dig +short

Used to work, but guess I only recently noticed with rspamd 1.9.1

Is this rbl.conf configuration still valid, or should it be set another way?  Or should the public spamhaus RBLs be disabled in rspamd and the commerial RBLs be specifically allowed?


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