[Rspamd-Users] Question Mime Types Module

Grooz, Marc (regio iT) Marc.Grooz at regioit.de
Fri Nov 23 13:11:25 UTC 2018

Hi List,

I had some questins about the Mime Types Module.

For example I want to block allways MIME_DOUBLE_BAD_EXTENSION. So I set the weight to 50. I think it would be nicer if I could say allways reject instead of put the weight that high, like the virus module does.

I also want to block .exe Files with also weight of 50 and then the with a pdf.exe the score explodes (1200).
I block .exe files with bad_extensions -> exe = 25.

When I send a calc.tmp with Mimetype application/x-dosexec the only thing rspamd detects is "MIME_UNKNOWN (0.1) [application/x-dosexec]".
But I set:

extension_map = {
    exe = 'application/x-dosexec',

So I assume that this should trigger my .exe block with weight of 25?

If I define "application/x-dosexec" in /var/lib/rspamd/mime_types.inc.local, rspamd ignores the https://maps.rspamd.com/rspamd/mime_types.inc.zst. :-(

I'm confused oft hat behavior.

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