[Rspamd-Users] learn by sending to alias

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Thu Dec 13 16:22:41 UTC 2018

On 12/13/18 11:08 AM, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> I found a problem with learning via web interface. rspamd 1.8.3.
> Sometimes, after clicking Upload text it gets submitted, the text field 
> gets cleared, but there is no result shown on top of the page. rspamd log 
> shows it processes the uploaded message and finds that it's already in 
> class spam and doesn't have to be learned. But this information isn't 
> getting back to the web interface.
> It seems to happen with the next uploads once a message can't be learned 
> and shows that result. 
> I still get results if the uploaded content can be learned, but if a 
> message cannot be learned (differing reasons, see above, but also "less 
> tokens than required") there are no results shown.
> Suddenly, after a while it works again.

I've found some anomalies with spam retraining too, which I'm still
studying but don't fully understand yet.  Resending to an '| rspamc
learn-spam' alias works from a mmail client such as Thunderbird
connecting directly to the mailserver, but if I use a client such as
mutt reading from a local mailbox and set up an alias that redirects to
an address on the mailserver that resolves to the same '| rspamc
learn-spam' alias, that is returned as undeliverable.

I'm assuming this is something I'm missing in my mail configuration
rather than rspamc itself refusing delivery, but I haven't nailed down
the exact problem yet.

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