[Rspamd-Announce] Rspamd 1.8.0 has been released

Vsevolod Stakhov vsevolod at rspamd.com
Mon Sep 24 14:08:45 UTC 2018

We have released Rspamd 1.8.0 today.

There are couple of the incompatibilities introduced, hence, please
check the migration notes, especially if you use Clickhouse module or
users settings.

The most important features and fixes


    This framework allows to combine and process different data
    extracted from messages and use that in different plugins, such as
    multimap, reputation or ratelimits. It is also possible to use data
    extracted in Rspamd regular expressions.

-   COROUTINES API support in Lua

    Now you can write code in a usual imperative manner but you still
    will not block any other tasks. Each potentially blocking operation
    creates a yielding-point. In turn, this means the code is suspended
    until the operation is done (just like blocking) and resumes only
    when there is some result. Meanwhile, other tasks are processed as

-   Clickhouse optimization

    Rspamd now uses a flat table to optimize ClickHouse SQL requests. In
    fact, joins are not recommended by the ClickHouse developers as
    multiple joins have proven to be slow. Hence, Rspamd has moved all
    data to a single table. Schema migration is done automatically,
    however, please read the migration notes in case of any doubts. Old
    data is not migrated nor deleted automatically.

    There is now optional data retention support in the ClickHouse
    module. You can set retention policies for the data stored in
    Clickhouse to conform different regulations (e.g. GDPR).

-   Unicode processing improvements

    Rspamd now normalizes all unicode data using NFKC schema prior to
    processing. This helps to prevent “glyph” attacks used by some
    spammers nowadays. Unicode conversion has also been improved to
    continue on bad symbols instead of giving up and working with raw

-   Language detection improvements

    We have reworked the language detector to use stop-words and rely on
    unicode glyphs more extensively. As the result of this work, the
    speed of language detection has been increased significantly (by 10
    times in some cases). The preciseness of the detection has also been

-   Fixed various bugs in sesssions handling

    We have located and fixed various hidden issues caused by async
    rules chaining. It might cause inconsistencies in the dependencies
    processing, crashes in rare cases and other “bad things”.

-   Various Web Interface improvements and fixes

    There are multiple improvements and fixes in the Web Interface. In
    particular, the issues with cluster support and aggregation have
    been addressed.

-   New mailing lists for the project
    -   Rspamd-Users: general purpose mailing list that will replace
        this group
    -   Rspamd-Announce: read only list with low traffic that is
        intended for project announcements only, for example, new
        versions, or vulnerabilities disclosures

    Unfortunately, there is no automatic conversion from the Google
    groups to the new mailing lists, hence, you need to subscribe to
    those lists manually. We are sorry about the potential
    inconveniences caused by this transition.

    To subscribe to a list, click the list name at
    https://lists.rspamd.com/mailman/listinfo . The page that is
    displayed should contain all of the necessary subscription
    instructions for that list. You can always find all possible support
    channels here.

Full list of the meaningful changes

-   [Feature] Add arguments schemas to processors and extractors
-   [Feature] Add functional selectors library
-   [Feature] Add generic selector to reputation module
-   [Feature] Add more ratelimits: by digest, by attachments data, by
-   [Feature] Add preliminary stop words detection support
-   [Feature] Add pure Lua debugm function
-   [Feature] Add schema validation for Redis settings
-   [Feature] Add selectors combine function
-   [Feature] Add some recursion protection to lua logger
-   [Feature] Add support for Lua API tracing
-   [Feature] Allow to apply schema to arguments
-   [Feature] Allow to get dkim signing data directly from HTTP headers
-   [Feature] Allow to reuse existing authentication results
-   [Feature] Cache selectors results in re runtime
-   [Feature] Implement new text tokenizer based on libicu
-   [Feature] Integrate selectors framework to multimap
-   [Feature] Relax FORGED_RECIPIENTS
-   [Feature] Support (almost) all html entities
-   [Feature] Support adding and deletion of recipients in the milter
-   [Feature] Support gathering HTTP body from fragments in lua_http
-   [Feature] Support multi flag in regexp and glob maps
-   [Feature] Support selectors in ratelimit module
-   [Feature] Support selectors in settings
-   [Feature] Use khash in HTML parser
-   [Feature] Use pure Lua debugm function
-   [Fix] Add fail-safety for destroying sessions
-   [Fix] Allow to add result-less fake DNS records
-   [Fix] Another try to fix race conditions on config unload
-   [Fix] Call Lua callback on DNS timeouts
-   [Fix] Deprecate task:inc_dns_req as it is redundant
-   [Fix] Do not allow events deletions on cleanup
-   [Fix] Do not try to process skipped messages
-   [Fix] Fix HTTP requests with no body
-   [Fix] Fix another cleanup race condition
-   [Fix] Fix bug in processing of pcre regexps
-   [Fix] Fix byte array allocation in the pool
-   [Fix] Fix crashes on task cleanup
-   [Fix] Fix dynamic buckets in ratelimits
-   [Fix] Fix endless loop when waiting for Rspamd to stop
-   [Fix] Fix lua_util.str_split in case of delimiters set
-   [Fix] Fix more issues with watching of async events
-   [Fix] Fix stop words detection and loading logic
-   [Fix] Fix various corner cases for language detection
-   [Fix] Fix watchers in lua_tcp
-   [Fix] Fix words decay algorithm
-   [Fix] Implement watchers replacement to handle nested calls
-   [Fix] Save faked code into fake dns record
-   [Fix] Show the proper frame when using lua_util.debugm
-   [Fix] Use fake dns records in tests
-   [Fix] Use unicode replacements for HTML entities
-   [Fix] fixed “cannot find dependency on symbol 1” issue when using
    replaced symbols in spamassassin rules
-   [Fix] partition_id is not available in old versions of CH
-   [Project] Add implicit conversion logic to selectors
-   [Project] Add initial support for selectors in regexps
-   [Project] Add method concept
-   [Project] Further changes in unicode operations
-   [Project] Implement Clickhouse migrations
-   [Project] Implement implicit conversions to userdata
-   [Project] Implement insert method
-   [Project] Implement selectors registration for regular expressions
-   [Project] Implement selectors support in re_cache
-   [Project] Improve language detector: cleanup unused files,categorize
-   [Project] Migrate CH data to a fat table
-   [Project] Rework selectors logic
-   [Project] Start Clickhouse utilities library
-   [Project] Start unicode rework
-   [Project] coroutine threaded model for API calls: thread pool
-   [Rework] Move phishtank to a DNS based service
-   [Rework] Rework Clickhouse plugin to use the new API
-   [Rework] Rework language detector
-   [Rework] Rework utf content processing in text parts
-   [WebUI] Add progress bar for AJAX requests
-   [WebUI] Avoid errors table reinitialization
-   [WebUI] Avoid history table reinitialization
-   [WebUI] Avoid throughput summary table reinitialization
-   [WebUI] Destroy summary table on disconnect
-   [WebUI] Fix “auth” request URL
-   [WebUI] Fix disabling and hiding controls on page reload
-   [WebUI] Fix maps loading from neighbours
-   [WebUI] Fix symbols sorting by score
-   [WebUI] Fix tables destroying
-   [WebUI] Fix throughput data consolidation
-   [WebUI] Fix upload buttons disabling
-   [WebUI] Notify user on module loading failure
-   [WebUI] Update FooTable 3.1.4 -> 3.1.6

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