[Rspamd-Users] Upgrade errors

Katharina Knuth katharina.knuth at icloud.com
Fri May 12 17:15:48 UTC 2023

Am 12.05.23 um 19:02 schrieb Hans van Eijsden via Users:

> Hello Katharina,
> As visible on https://www.rspamd.com/downloads.html in the Debian/Ubuntu tab, the supported Debian versions are Debian Bookworm, 12 (since Rspamd 3.5) and Debian Bullseye, 11.
> According to your information, you’re using an older Debian version, version 10 (Buster). This can result in incompatibilities and dependency problems.
> Before we are able to assist you any further, my advice is to upgrade your Debian from version 10 (Buster) to version 11 (Bullseye). See the documentation here: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianUpgrade for the instructions.
> Best regards / Met vriendelijke groet,
> Hans van Eijsden

okay I see, thanks.

freundliche Grüße,
Sincerely yours,

Katharina Knuth

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