[Rspamd-Users] ratelimiter in combination with multimaps

Simbürger, Andreas Andreas.Simbuerger at Uni-Passau.De
Thu Mar 23 16:25:09 UTC 2023


I got a question about the interaction of modules that run as pre-filters.
I have a multimap that sets a pre-action to accept for a given set of filters, checked against the map.
At the same time I have the ratelimit module set to issue soft rejects.

How would I enforce an ordering between both modules? As far as I understand a once
set pre-action may(will) result in no further modules to do any processing.

My goal would be to have a way of "whitelisting" Mails from entering the ratelimiter (the whitelist options
of the ratelimit module are not sufficient in my case).

It seemed to work up to 3.4, but I am not sure if this was simply by chance.

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