[Rspamd-Users] Redis Sentinel and different Ports

Kai Bojens kb at artfiles.de
Wed Jan 25 16:26:36 UTC 2023

Hi there,
I have setup two rspamd server, two redis servers (Prime-Replica), two 
clamav servers, one clickhouse server and a Redis-Sentinel on every 
host. Bayes and Fuzzy are seperate instances on different ports and 
everything else should stay local just as described in the 
documentation. As I now have some strange results with the Bayes filter 
and strange entries in the Redis databases, there are some questions for 
which the documentation seems to have no answer.

1. "Rspamd will then use sentinels to determine which servers should be 
used as write_servers and which should be used as read_servers."

How does this work with different Redis instances and different modules? 
Bayes is on server A and listening on Port 6378 while Fuzzy is also on 
server A but on Port 6377. How does the sentinel configuration then 
configure the right instances for the Bayes and Fuzzy modules?

2. Is it possible to see which read_servers and write_servers Rspamd 
actually uses in regard to the sentinels?

Kai Bojens

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