[Rspamd-Users] rewrite subject and bayes learning process

Mickaël Dequidt Mickael.Dequidt at ifremer.fr
Thu Jan 19 12:51:10 UTC 2023

Hello all,

In order to get the statistical filter to work better, I'd like to be 
able to feed it messages whose subjects have been rewritten because 
their evaluation by rspamd crossed the "rewrite_subject" threshold.

Problem : the "rewrite_subject" adds a tag to the subject (classic 
**SPAM**) and more often than not, it is integrated in UTF8 to the 
subject, making it not that easy to automatically take it out before 
having it sent to rspamc command.

Would you know of a way to delete whatever thing is added by 
"rewrite_ubject" after it has been added ? Or maybe rspamc doesn't look 
at the subject ? Because saying to rspamd that mails which have **SPAM** 
in their subject aren't spam, I reckon it won't do any good


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